Winners 2018

The EPA jury of renowned representatives from the industry met in the Radschlägersaal room of the Rheinterrasse in Düsseldorf on 20th June and rewarded companies from the commercial cargo transport sector for their pioneering roles in the field of sustainability. The award ceremony took place during PTV Group’s FIT FOR PROFIT conference. Ludwig Meyer GmbH & Co. KG was the successful company in the “Established companies” category, Cargonexx GmbH was rewarded in the “Start-ups” category.

Ludwig Meyer GmbH & Co. KG

Ludwig Meyer GmbH & Co. KG was singled out for praise as a result of its pioneering work in the fields of electro-mobility and the use of trucks powered by LNG. The company is a specialist in temperature-controlled transport and has operated environmentally friendly LNG vehicles and hybrid trucks since 2009. A fleet management system provides employees with all the relevant technical details. Thus, for example, the fleet manager is able to find out precisely which vehicle with which components is best suited for any specific delivery route. This saves fuel, reduces wear on the vehicles and protects the environment. Ludwig Meyer GmbH & Co. KG is the first company to win the Eco Performance Award twice.

Cargonexx GmbH

Cargonexx GmbH is the first company in the transport industry to use self-learning algorithms to predict electricity spot-market prices and charging currents. By using smart data and artificial intelligence, the number of empty run journeys is reduced, which in turn lowers transaction costs. Companies charging their vehicles do so at a more economic price, hauliers minimise their costs and transport companies increase their utilisation factors – resulting in reduced traffic and environmental loads.

winners 2017

Already for the tenth time, distribution companies with especially sustainable business practice were distinguished with the Eco Performance Award on 8 May 2017. In this anniversary year the coveted accolade was awarded in the "small and mid-sized companies" category as well as in the newly created "start-ups" category. BODAN GmbH was the successful company in the small and mid-sized companies, with InstaFreight GmbH winning among the start-ups.


In the "small and mid-sized companies" category BODAN GmbH was distinguished, a company specialising in nationwide foodstuff transport. The ambitious targets of the company and the highly detailed description of measures required for this purpose – as well as their verifiably consistent implementation – won over the jury of specialists. The company aims to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of its truck fleet down to 0 % until 2020. To achieve this the diesel required for transport cooling and powering the vehicles is to be replaced with a diesel substitute. The company is temporarily using both natural gas trucks, partly powered by biogas from foodstuff waste, and hybrid vehicles. To reduce the operational volume of traffic to a minimum the company uses combined traffic, shortens its own delivery distances by cooperating with partners, delivers increasingly at night and favours seasonal, regionally-based foods.

InstaFreight GmbH

The winner in the "start-ups" category – InstaFreight GmbH – specialises in track and trace/visibility (consignment tracking) and fleet scheduling, i.e. vehicle deployment control. Clients can digitally book transports immediately over a platform, and the InstaFreight solution scored with its exemplary coverage of all three sustainability pillars. InstaFreight achieves ecological benefits because its range of services includes saving costs due to improved driver performance, in turn leading to 15 % more client utilisation. From an ecological point of view the use of InstaFreight products positively impacts CO2 emmissions because existing telematics devices can continue to be used. The solution also has a social aspect because the product integrates the environment of the employee (e.g. scheduling) into driver motivation.

Winners 2016

The specialist jury of renowned representatives from the sector has made its decision once again: the coveted sustainability award has now been awarded for the ninth time to companies adopting a pioneering role with sustainability. With small and mid-size companies, Ludwig Meyer GmbH & Co. KG managed to convince the specialist jury, and Berliner Stadtreinigungsbetriebe were successful in the large companies category.

An especially innovative and sustainable solution for special requirements outside of the core distribution business was awarded a special prize for the first time: the ECO Honor Award goes to Deutsche Post DHL for its Streetscooter project.

The celebratory award ceremony took place on the opening day of the IAA Commercial Vehicles in the exclusive Peppermint Pavilion in Hanover.

Ludwig Meyer GmbH & Co. KG

In the small and mid-sized companies category, Ludwig Meyer GmbH & Co. has been distinguished for its pioneering role in the electrical mobility sector and for the use of CNG-operated trucks. The company specialises in temperature-controlled food transport with a focus on freight traffic and contract logistics. As part of a reference project two e-trucks have been exclusively supplying customers Lidl and Rewe for over a year. The company was also the first to use environmentally friendly CNG vehicles and hybrid trucks since 2009. Use of a fleet management system saves fuel, reduces wear and also protects the environment. Telematics covers a wide range of parameters and the company uses data from this for training its drivers. This improves efficiency and also make sense ecologically.

Berliner Stadtreinigungsbetriebe

This year's winner in the large company category are the Berliner Stadtreinigungsbetriebe. The company specialises in general cargo and consolidated goods. Around half of its vehicles are tanked with climate-neutral biogas, thus saving around 2.5 million litres of diesel each year. Gas-operated vehicles are also significantly quieter and emit no particulate matter. Fermentation residues produced from fermentation are used in the farming sector as humus fertiliser. A further part of the biomethane is used by the company for operating a block power heating station to generate electricity and heat. In total, greenhouse gas emissions are reduced by 9,000 tonnes each year. The Berliner Stadtreinigung thus assumes a role model function for the entire sector.

ECO Honor Award: Deutsche Post DHL

The ECO Honor Award celebrates its premiere in 2016. The special prize honours companies with concept expertise outside of the classic core distribution business that still radiates innovative strength. For its pioneering role with completely emission-free supply concepts in the last mile, the team from Deutsche Post DHL receives the honour award for its Streetscooter project. The new design of a serial production-ready and low cost electric vehicle and an innovative view of the complete topic of vehicle development convinced the specialist jury.

Winner 2015

The eighth Eco Performance Award competition found a worthy winner. Following detailed assessment by the high-calibre jury of experts of all concepts submitted, the winner was clear. This year's Eco Performance Award ceremony took place on 4 May in Munich on the occasion of the transport logistic, the leading fair in the branch. As in previous years, Gaby Papenburg hosted the gala event and was highly enthusiastic about all nominated sustainability concepts. Dr. Hufnagl awarded the Eco Performance Award 2015 to the proud winning company.

Contargo GmbH & Co. KG – 20 years of sustainability

When it's about the ideal utilisation of combined traffic, Contargo GmbH & Co. KG from Duisburg certainly cannot be ignored. The combined use of various traffic methods relieves both trucks and roads and ideally exploits the capacity of available rail and inland waterway resources. As a consequence, up to 60 % in greenhouse gas emissions can be saved.

The company became aware of the necessity for implementing sustainability 20 years ago, and has been offering customers a CO2 calculator for many years for simply and reliably calculating transport-related greenhouse gas emissions.

In-house use of energy-saving and recovery technologies was a convincing argument, as well as the environmental certification of all Contargo locations. Employees are also supported in their contribution to sustainability – as part of a campaign over several weeks, employees saved more than 7,000 car kilometres by doing without their own car on the way to work.

Winner 2014

The Expowal in Hanover was the exclusive event location for the gala evening in 2014, hosting the award ceremony of the Eco Performance Award. Following detailed judging by the high-calibre jury of experts, the winners were acclaimed on the eve of the IAA Commercial Vehicles and distinguished with the Eco Performance Award. We once again express our gratitude for all sustainability concepts sent in, and congratulate the company of Elflein, acclaimed as the winner this year with its complete level of commitment.

Elflein Spedition & Transport GmbH – sustainability at all levels

The transport and logistics company Elflein from Bamberg in Bavaria convinced the jury of experts headed by Professor Dr. Stölzle from the University of St. Gallen with its sustainability concept implemented across all company facets and levels and by all employees. With its establishment of transport fleet innovations, the use of alternative drives and energy sources, the supply of qualified training programmes and its charitable and social range of commitment, the company fulfilled all three disciplines of the Eco Performance Award with distinction. Elflein joins company with the previous proud winners to benefit from all the benefits of the award.

Winners 2013

In 2013, the Eco Performance Award was already awarded for the sixth time in the two categories of large companies and small and medium-sized enterprises. The prize-giving ceremony was hosted in Munich for the first time, in the run-up to transport logistic 2013, the International Exhibition for Logistics and Mobility. With the small and medium-sized enterprises, Erhard Wagner & Sohn GmbH was successful at convincing the expert jury. In the category of large companies, Seifert Logistics GmbH prevailed. With the prize, the winners are awarded the Eco Performance Award seal for the first time. This award characterises companies as pioneers for sustainable implementations in the European transport and logistics branch.

Erhard Wagner & Sohn GmbH – Self-Initiative pays off

The medium-sized enterprise, Erhard Wagner & Sohn GmbH, convinced the expert jury with its high degree of self-initiative and an innovative idea that has the purpose of increasing the eco performance. With the development of the so-called Green Box, a device for capturing and processing vehicle data, a system was created by means of which all factors that impact fuel consumption can be isolated and evaluated. Already within a short period of time, the company was able to reduce its fuel consumption significantly and considerably cut down on its carbon dioxide emission. In addition, thanks to the box, additional optimisation measures could be launched regarding the vehicles, the compressor use and disposition.

Seifert Logistics GmbH – Transparent Sustainability Management

In the category of large companies, the conclusive overall concept of Seifert Logistics GmbH from Ulm clearly asserted itself in comparison to its competitors. With the comprehensive package of measures, within the context of ecology, the logistics company has set exemplary standards in the field of environmental protection. Today already, 98 percent of the vehicle fleet consists of Euro 5 vehicles. With additional measures, such as regular training of the staff in driving simulators, which is targeted at reducing fuel consumption, or by means of optimisation in the route planning with the support of an own IT system, the company has been successful at attaining a reduction of 20 percent in the average CO2 emission to date. Attention is also paid to environmental protection at the company’s locations, and here up to 55 percent environmentally friendly fuels are used. 

Winners 2012

For the first time in 2012, three transport companies were awarded the Eco Performance Award in the categories of "large companies" and "smaller and mid-sized companies" due to their convincing concepts in the area of sustainability. The jury of experts were impressed by the diversity of the concepts and the differing approaches to sustainability. Allow yourself to be inspired as well by the various approaches and guide your company towards winning the Eco Performance Award 2013.

The companies of CAMION TRANSPORT AG from Switzerland and Ekol Logistics from Istanbul gained awards in the "large companies" category.

Camion Transport AG

The Swiss services company for transport and logistics (CAMION TRANSPORT AG) scored points with its successful combination of the three aspects of economy, environmental protection and social commitment according to the label of "Eco Balance by CAMION TRANSPORT". This program groups together all environmental company activities. Differing topics were taken into consideration, ranging from driver training to energy-optimised building constructions. It was very noticeable that a focus was always placed on people. In this vein, the Swiss company is donating its complete winner's prize money to the "miva" charity.

Ekol Logistics

The range of activities of the Turkish company Ekol Logistics also convinced the jury with its wide responsibility towards both the environment and society. A consistently implemented fundamental strategy lies behind the slogan of "logistics for a better world". The company depends on a modern and environmentally friendly truck fleet and increasing use of transport via ship and railway routes. Commitment to society its shown by Ekol Logistics with its targeted support for non-governmental organizations (NGO) that are themselves active in the support of social and cultural values.

Max Müller Spedition

Due to a wide variety of innovative measures, especially in the sectors of logistics property and transport fleets, Max Müller Spedition from Opfenbach in Allgäu was distinguished as winner in the "smaller and mid-sized companies" category. The company not only managed to save costs but also to relieve the environment by the close and efficient combination of economic and ecological principles. The step-by-step renewal of its fleet and new construction of the logistics centre heated completely with regenerative energy are only sub-projects within the logistics company's concept for sustainability.

Winners 2011

Also in 2011, the Eco Performance Award was presented to ecologically aspiring companies. In the category "Small and Medium-sized Companies" (up to 50 trucks), H. Ristelhueber Spedition from Waldshut (Germany) placed at the top. The winner in the category "Large Companies"(> 50 vehicles) was Spedition Meyer & Meyer from Osnabrück.

Spedition Ristelhueber – Success through societal commitment

As winner of medium-sized company Eco Performance Award, Spedition Ristelhueber strives to represent societal commitment as part of the external company culture. By founding the charitable foundation Ristelhueber-Stiftung, the family-owned company is returning a part of its own success to society. With this objective in mind, the foundation is providing support for the funding of training and educational facilities for children and young people. In addition to social objectives, Ristelhueber is pursuing a philosophy of sustainable business activities. Even without statutory requirements, the carrier utilises efficient telematics systems for controlling the fuel consumption of the 47 trucks. The carrier acts similarly future-oriented in the area of energy consumption: Installed on the roofs of the warehouses are photovoltaics systems for power generation.

Meyer & Meyer – Progress through energy efficiency

Due to a commendable management with respect to energy utilisation and generation, Spedition Meyer & Meyer from Osnabrück was selected as winner in the large company category. The company covers the energy consumption of its IT department through an innovative, gas-powered combined heat and power (CHP) station. Furthermore, six CHP plants assure an efficient power generation. Since late 2010, Meyer & Meyer is utilising two electric trucks for store deliveries in the greater Berlin-Brandenburg region. This progressive pilot project is still the exception in the carrier industry. Just like Spedition Ristelhueber, the carrier is also using photovoltaics systems to generate eco power. Societal commitment within its own business is displayed by Meyer & Meyer by providing a company nursery.

Winners 2010

Among the concepts submitted, in 2010 two companies dominated with innovative ideas and solution approaches, Löb GmbH from Werneck (Germany) among the small and medium-sized companies and Boll Logistik from Meppen (Lower Saxony, Germany) among the large companies, when the expert jury made its selection.

Löb – Logistics under the sign of alternative energies

Löb GmbH from Werneck enthused the expert jury with an innovative sustainability concept in the SME category. Particularly convincing for the experts was that the company did not only implement sustainable and, more importantly, interconnected measures, but also expanded these by new and successful areas of business. For example, through the installation of a photovoltaics system power that is not used by the company itself, is fed into the local grid. In the company's own fleet, Löb is counting on Euro 5 as well as EEV vehicles and modern telematics systems. The company furthermore provides its employees with the option to recharge electric cars on the company's property free of charge.

Boll Logistik – Sustainable market leader at the Ems axis

Decorated as winner company 2010 in the large company category was Boll Logistik from the Emsland region's Meppen (Lower Saxony, Germany). The company particularly stood out by taking innovative paths and because it placed responsibility towards people and nature at the center of its actions. This approach relies on a motivated staff, its families and societal commitment. As one of the founders of the Emsland region foundation "Job and Family", the company is promoting the flexible working hour approach for its employees. "We are what is driving us – and not the requirements our customers impose on us," Ulrich Boll summarises.

Winners 2009

In 2009, the Eco Performance Award was awarded in two categories to thereby also afford smaller companies a chance in the competition. Spedition Kellershohn from Lindlar (Germany) and Hellmann Worldwide Logistics from Osnabrück (Germany) were able to prevail against numerous competitors.

Spedition Kellershohn, Lindlar –In sustainability, the human being is at the focal point

In 2009, Spedition Kellershohn convinced the jury with its "MUT" program and did prove that even small companies can accomplish big things with respect to sustainability. MUT [which happens to also be a capitalised version of the German word for bravery and courage] stands for "Mensch – Umwelt – Taten" (Human beings - Environment – Actions & Deeds (HEAD)). By giving special consideration to his employees' social needs, managing director Willi Kellershohn illustrates that to him, the human being takes first place in sustainable action. Because sustainable action does not just mean environmental protection but also social commitment within the company. "We count on continuing education, sponsorship or health programs," says Kellershohn.

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics, Osnabrück – Sustainability as company ­DNA

In 2009, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics was able to win the jury over with its motto "Designing the Future with Sustainability" as a global player with responsibility for environment and economic efficiency, with an surprisingly creative overall concept: Hellmann anchored its sustainability principles deeply in its company philosophy and is taking on a pioneering role in the industry. For example, the family company has been aligning its service with the sustainability principle for more than 20 years already. As early as 1996, a comprehensive environmental management system was set up. This way, it was possible to determine the impacts on the environment and to reduce them early on already within the confines of technical as well as economic options. This very way, it was possible to turn the effort to offer CO2-neutral transports into a reality. Through a strong positioning in the social area while offering an attractive and family-friendly environment, the company was also able to gain points with the jury.

Winner 2008

First Prize Award

In 2008 the first Eco Performance Award went to the logistics subsidiary of Metro AG, the MGL Metro Group Logistics company. The concepts submitted were to convince the jury, especially in the areas of ecology, economy and social issues. The jury, under the leadership of Prof. Wolfgang Stölzle (University of St. Gallen), honored the fact that the logistics subsidiary of Metro AG was able to significantly lower the pollutant emission, in particular.

MGL convinced through optimisation of the resource consumption

The MGL convinced through logistical optimisations, with a telematics approach and with a clear strategy for the procurement and replacement of vehicles for the fleet. In particular, the winner did shine with the optimisation of the resource consumption within the MGL's own fleet. With 3.3 years, the average age of the vehicles is relatively low for distributor fleet. In new and replacement procurements, MGL exclusively purchased trucks with Euro 5 engines. The utilisation of GPS and mobile computers is also an economical highlight at MGL, since the tour data can be transmitted paperlessly this way. This saves work when recording the shipping documents and reduces waiting periods for the drivers.